Removing Limiting Beliefs Workshop

Removing Limiting Beliefs Workshop


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What are limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs are exactly what they sound like. My definition for limiting beliefs is: “beliefs that limit what you believe is possible for yourself or what you will allow in your life.” There are amazing things that want to show up in your life, but… When you have self-limiting beliefs, those things struggle to show up because you often won’t let them (for a variety of reasons).

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Whatever your limiting beliefs are, they restrict the scope of how you see the world.

Limiting beliefs keep you from seeing all that there is to the world. Think about how the world looks when looking through the peephole in a door. The scope is limited, and you can’t see all that there is to see.  If you were to look at life through that peephole 24/7, how much of life would you miss? Limiting beliefs act like that peephole.

Limiting beliefs keep you from seeing what is possible for yourself.

Maybe you see your dream job and think, “I am not capable or qualified enough for it,” so you don’t even apply. Maybe you have let society trick you into thinking you are bad with numbers, so then you don’t even try to manage your money. Maybe you have been hurt in a relationship, so rather than try again, you say to yourself, “it’s not worth it.”

Limiting beliefs can also keep you from taking action to be your most authentic and powerful self.

Your limiting beliefs can also lead to what is called change blindness. Change blindness keeps you from seeing anything inconsistent with your current reality (the reality created by those pesky limiting beliefs). In other words, when you have limiting beliefs, you only see what you are prepared to see, nothing more, nothing less.

The good news is, you can change this with the techniques in this course!

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Limiting beliefs comes from the different things that happen in your life.

Many  limiting beliefs develop in childhood when you aren’t always able to process what happens to you.

When something traumatic happens, the feelings from that moment can remain stuck in your psyche. It then becomes like a skip on a record, stopping you in the same place over and over. Whatever choice you made to remain safe at that moment, you play out over and over as you grow up. If you don’t address what happened in your childhood, you might find yourself in your 50's letting what happened when you were a child dictate your significant life choices.

Limiting beliefs can also come from your family.

Your family’s belief system plays a significant role in how you view and interact with the world. Sylvia Lafair, a family therapist turned expert leadership consultant, says in her book Don’t Bring It To Work: Breaking Family Patterns that Limit Success that,

Your family belief system influences how you look at and interact with the world. We don’t always tailor our actions to the actual demands of a situation. Instead, we fall back on old ways of responding that are emotionally laden and sometimes horrendously counterproductive. Adopting behaviour we first encountered in our families, we do the same thing over and over again - even if it kills us. We remain imprisoned by our pasts. The family system you grew up in, for better or worse, powerfully shapes what you believe about life and how you interact with the world.

Within your family system, there are expectations of who you should be and the role you should fill.

Maybe you have always been expected to care for the other members of your family. Maybe your parents always said or showed it’s not safe to stand out. Those expectations of who you should be can shape the way that you think about things, both in your family and beyond, if you don’t address them. These family beliefs and expectations can impact the way you think about money, relationships, work, how happy you think you deserve to be, and more.

Limiting beliefs can also come from relationships with friends or significant others, experiences at work, or random interactions.

These beliefs tend to build upon the ones already coming from your family system and your childhood. It’s a double whammy.

Here are some limiting beliefs examples that can impact the way someone sees the world:

  • If you had a partner who cheated on you or betrayed your trust, maybe you started to think you can’t trust in a relationship because you will only get hurt.
  • If you had a bad experience with a bank or financial advisor, maybe you decide you can’t trust them.
  • If you struggled in school growing up, maybe you didn’t feel smart or worthy of success.

These beliefs keep you from stepping into your most powerful self.

In this 1 day workshop, I will teach you how to recognise and clear your limiting beliefs.  And, not only will I do that for you but I will also teach you how to reprogramme your mind and body with supporting programmes.  These programmes are downloaded into every cell of your body so that they become apart of who you are.


1 day


  • Limiting beliefs worksheets
  • Audio recorded meditation
  • Lists of limiting belief examples.


  • The workshop can be held during the day.
  • You will receive a manual and a certificate on successful completion of the workshop