Intensive Chakra Course

Intensive Chakra Course


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This Intensive Chakra Course is a comprehensive 7-week online programme designed for people of all ages who want to take a solid review of their lives and start healing in a holistic way. It is a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation which will guide you through the major processes in your life on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Each module will offer potent tools, mediation and exercises to help you reconnect with your essence, recalibrate and enhance every aspect of your life.

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Do you:

  • feel disconnected from yourself
  • have a debilitating feeling of being ‘stuck’
  • stay awake at night because of overwhelming anxiety
  • notice recurring life patterns that you don’t know how to break
  • feel out of touch with your body and ignore its warning signs
  • feel constant pressure to perform, achieve, accomplish or be something
  • become stuck in unhealthy relationships that aren’t serving you
  • feel exhausted, depleted and out of harmony
  • wonder if it’s really all there is to life…


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this course if for you.  Trauma can directly affect our relationship with money, family as well as our health.  Trauma bubbles that are stored in chakras are directly tied to issues in your life. Healing needs to occur first in order to create a harmonious connection and experience with wealth, health and abundance on all levels.   It is said that your outside world reflects your inner world and if there is instability or disharmony in your life, it is because your chakras are unbalanced, holding trauma or are blocked.

In this intensive chakra course, you will learn how to clear trapped emotions and traumas that are being held in your chakras. We will also download various affirmations and virtues that relate to each of your chakras and also power up and energize them. Each week you will receive a

Course Duration:

This course is held over a seven week period with live weekly discovering sessions.

What you're getting:

  • Printable materials
  • Audio recorded meditations
  • Water Programming Chakra Cards


  • The workshop can be held during the day, evenings and/or weekends
  • You will receive a manual and a certificate on successful completion of the workshop