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My Story

My Story

kirsty wright

Where do I begin?  I have been on this incredible spiritual journey for over 25 years and consulting with clients for over 17 years. 

I am a mother of 3 amazingly beautiful children who have taught me so much in life.  It was a natural progression for me to get involved in the spiritual side of life, especially when my first child was born.  I won’t go into a long story, but my son was quite a sickly baby and after doing healing on him and seeing the incredible results straight away, I was determined to learn out more.

I grew up in a family where my father and uncles were priests and elders in the church and my aunts were clairvoyant.  So to me, it was one and the same and not taboo.

What frustrated me most was ‘seeing’ negative energy or bumps in the road for my clients and thinking there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  That was what lead me to do weekly channeling sessions with God and various guides and have them teach me to enhance and empower people in their lives.

I stopped reading spiritual books years ago for the simple fact that this was someone else’s experience.  And yes, it can be very beneficial to a lot of people but I wanted to be taught differently so … once a week for many years, I had lessons which I channeled and had to apply in my daily life.  Now, to give you an idea of who I was, and still am in a lot of ways, is a skeptic.  Some of these lessons I thought would never work or make a difference and I was proved wrong every single time.

All of my spiritual work and courses have a primary aim of finding and empowering ‘Self’.  In today’s day and age, we are bogged down by so many different emotions and life experiences that we get stuck in the hamster wheel of life and most of the time function on auto pilot.

My courses and workshops allow one to:

  • expand your conscious universe and to discover one’s essential potential,
  • remove limiting beliefs that hold you back in life,
  • remove stuck emotional energy in your cells which limits you from manifesting the life you want, by the way,
  • reprogramme yourself to enhance your unique gifts.
  • and so much more.

If you had the opportunity to enrich yourself and to be a co-creator in your own life, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

If you feel doing the courses and workshops are too much to handle right now, that’s ok.  I give one-on-one sessions to help you achieve all of the above.

I have been so blessed to be a part of this process and to share in the extraordinary changes in my clients’ lives.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your journey.






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